One's view and practice of spiritual growth is tested by stubborn habits of sin, and this is...stubborn. But enslaving sins, and pornography most certainly is, are God's pathways to spiritual growth and freedom—Egypt births Israel. If you want to abruptly stop impurity, death will do that; if you want to grow in purity, experience God's grace and forgiveness as you fall forward, and understand what in the world God is doing in and through the ugly process, than I'd highly recommend reading Flesh.  Flesh has been thoroughly revised since I first wrote—back when I had a full head of hair and before age and diminished testosterone solved my lust problems.

The book includes  a one-month devotional as well as Small Group content, so you can talk about lust with your friends.Among topics addressed are: Habitual Sin, Homosexuality, Masturbation, Guilt, Repentance, Porn, Worship, Evil and Temptation, Faith, Biblical sex, and how Jesus fits into all.